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Actors Yuan Hong, who played the 13th prince, and Annie Liu, who played Ruoxi's sister, Ruolan, were among the groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Although they played the couple, Yang Guo and his mentor Xiao Long Nu, in a television adaptation of The Romance Of The Condor Heroes, they did not fall in love on set.

I think of this period of time because her hair came down..long hair was worn and was fashionable during the early 20th century. Eva Cassidy had a beautiful voice, but Sting's version does it for me...a very beautiful and moving song...thanks Sting..

And he's taken her to the field, out in nature, and during the day, no less.The words and melody are already so heartbreaking and beatuful, and eva's pure voice just makes it even more enchanting.And as far as the interpretation goes, i like that this song is vague enough so that it can mean different things to different people. I want to dance to this dog at my wedding with my dad.To me, the lyrics are reminiscent of a time when things were great, when we walked in fields of gold.

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However, when he visited Taiwan in 2015 for work, she met him for a catch-up and sparks flew, said Apple Daily.

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