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Once the frame and crown are attached, you install the whole assembly in one go.If the ceiling isn't level, as was the case here, then you have two options above the crown: Leave a gap or scribe-fit a filler strip that follows the contours of the ceiling.Above cabinet molding evokes a certain style and creates height in the room by carrying the beauty of the cabinetry to the ceiling. Create a dramatic effect by stacking moldings on top of each other.Gorgeous treatment options abound: from fluted fillers and furniture corners to decorative legs, plus base boards, transition moldings and more.

A: A lot of upper kitchen cabinets these days don't have enough material above the doors on which to mount crown molding.

Cut and screw together an L-shaped 14 frame that follows the cabinets' top edges, but leave each end ⅛ inch shy of the wall.

Butt and overlap the corners and countersink the screws.

To get around that shortcoming, I build a hardwood frame that sits on top of the cabinets and use it as a base for fastening the crown.

Using a frame allows me to do the detail work on a bench—much easier than from a ladder—and I can attach the crown from the back side, so there are no nail holes to fill.

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Screw reinforcing blocks to the back of the frame, as shown, then check to make sure it sits flush with the cabinets' faces.

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